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Mr. Rick Emmer is easily the high school's favorite substitute teacher. Every pupil rejoices whenever they walk into a classroom and see Mr. Emmer instead of their real teacher. Every girl in the school has a crush on Rick, and that is a fact. He is commonly seen biking to and from school wearing his banana yellow jacket. He always wears a helmet when biking, and the 99.99% of people who don't wear helmets when biking should follow his example if they want to be cool like him. Rick Emmer is also the school's hottest girl, yet he is not a slut in any regards. He only sleeps with the finest of gentlemen. Rick Emmer is a babe.

History at ALHS

2017 Talent Show

Mr. Emmer rode his bike on the PAC stage while Andy Shee and Charlie Paflas played guitar and sang an original song, "You Rode Your Bike Right into My Life", about Mr. Emmer. A recording of the song can be found here. Their act went on to win the talent show that year.


Mr. Emmer used to work as a zookeeper at the Cleveland Metroparks zoo. He got his bachelor's degree at the University of Mount Union and his master's degree at John Carroll. He has also written a series of books


Mr. Emmer has written a series of mainly science-themed books. His books cover a variety of topics, from Bigfoot to the megalodon to viruses. For a list of his books, click here. If you're really feeling like supporting him, I suggest that you buy a few (or maybe even all) of his books.