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Deleting Stuff

If you consider an article irrelevant or complete trash, you may delete it (Note: certain pages are protected from deletion). Please write an explanatory note on the deletion page. Administrators can always "undelete" a page.

Articles on People

Pages about people are fine if done in a constructive manner. Please don't reveal their personal information without their consent. If you would like to post a picture of them on the wiki, please get their permission before doing so.
Anyone who is the subject of an article may request that the article be deleted or protected from editing. If you do not wish to have an article of you on the website, you may delete it or request deletion by contacting an administrator (such as Juan). If you find incorrect or misleading information on a page about you or someone you know, please feel free to make necessary revisions.

Avon Lake Staff

Avon Lake Staff are welcome to edit articles if they wish.