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A user page is a page about a wiki user with an account on the wiki.

User pages have User: in the URL.

If you have registered on the wiki, you can create your user page. You can access your user page in the top right by clicking on your username. Other people will be able to see your user page, and it will be linked to edit logs such as "Recent changes" and "page history" displays.

What to put on your user page

User pages are pretty flexible and since it's a page about you, you can do whatever you want with it. Remember, it's a feature to help others know who you are, just lie a profile page. However, it is best to keep your profile page brief and to write extensive narratives or descriptions in an article about yourself.

Other people's user pages

As mentioned above, other people's user pages can be found through links located in various places throughout the wiki.

User contributions

When viewing another person's user page, a link to that person's "user contributions" appears in the "tools" sections of the sidebar. This link shows all of that user's edits. This feature is useful for getting a sense of how much this user has contributed and whether or not this user is making quality edits.

Editing someone else's page

Generally you shouldn't edit the content on someone else's user page. However everybody is different, and it is ultimately up to the user to decide whether or not to allow edits from other people.