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Welcome to the Avon Lake Wiki!

Today is Friday, October 20, 2017


  • If you are going into Avon Lake High School this year or are an alumni of this school, please spread the word about the Avon Lake Wiki and encourage others to stop by and contribute. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki and help make it as best as possible. If any of you are interested in getting more actively involved in the wiki, please send us a message.
  • Students: Please do not spam this wiki or harass others. I encourage you to share the best moments of your high school years either on your own page or on existing articles. If you have a problem with any content on this site, please contact Juan and he will assist you.
  • Alumni: Is your lore still alive? Is the history of Avon Lake rendered accurately? Please share your thoughts and memories on this wiki.
  • Please keep in mind the Avon Lake Wiki's standards while editing, and keep the wiki appropriate for general audiences.
  • The wiki is still being development and doesn't have much content yet, so help us add content and edit for quality. To create a new article, go to a page that doesn't exist yet, and click the "edit" button. Don't be afraid to edit or add anything as long as you are doing it in a constructive manner. So far, our editors have created over 20 articles! To see what's been going on, check the Recent Changes link or talk/discussion pages. Thanks for stopping by!

Where to Start

Featured Articles

Courses - Complete list of all courses offered by the high school. (Read More)

Avon Lake High School - About the high school (Read More)

The featured articles are articles on the Avon Lake Wiki which display a high level of quality.

Recent/Upcoming Events

    April 14 - April 21

  • AP Testing
    May 1 - May 11

  • Prom
    May 20

  • Last Day of School for Seniors
    May 26

For more events, go to the ALHS calendar.

Easy Ways to Conribute

  • Add a photo
  • Fix spelling and/or grammatical errors (Come on, we're Avon Lake. What spelling/grammatical errors?)
  • Add Content (elaborate on existing stuff!)
  • Improve the article's layout/make it look more professional
  • Categorize the page

Note: For security purposes, only site admins can edit the homepage. If you would like to suggest an edit, please contact Juan and he will make the edits.